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02/03/2002 Kurdish music invading Lebanese hearts

02/03/2002 - By Salim Hassan
Beirut – Lebanon ( 02 March 2002: A Kurdish singer, musician and music composer is invading the Lebanese media by producing a new style of Kurdish music. In some of his songs Kurdish music have been mixed with flamenco. But his focus is clear: introducing Kurdish music to the foreign fans.

Yes that is right! He is Issa Hassan. He has arrived here in Lebanon, last Sunday. His impact is already clear. During this week, he was interviewed by the "New TV, the official TV, twice and an article about him appeared in the Lebanese newspaper Al-Moustaqbal (The Future).

Mr Hassan has made a great wave in the Lebanese art ocean. His new style in Kurdish music shall bring the majority of Lebanese music lovers together. There is no doubt that Mr Hassan shall have agreements for concerts and festivals at the international levels.

Issa Hassan is a Kurd, born in Beirut in the 1970. In the 1984, because of the Lebanese war, Mr Hassan moved to Paris. Paris, the city of culture and romance, has kindly given him the competitive edge in singin, playing and composing Kurdish music, that is suitable to be introduced in the international arena. Mr Hassan works at the Kurdish institute of Paris.

So far, Mr Hassan produced four CD’s: two instrumental and two songs. This artist will play a important role in introducing the Kurdish music in the entire Arab world. He will be another Shab Mami or indeed another Shab Khaled.

Perhaps, Mr Hassan is the first Kurd after Saladin (1138? -1193) who can invade Arab hearts.

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